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Tama S.L.P. 14"x7" Limited G-Maple Snare Drum - Gloss Tawny Oak

Manufacturer #:LGM147GTO

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Model No.: LGM147
Shell: 10mm, 11ply Maple + 1 outer ply White Oak
Size: 14”x7”
Lug: Tube Lug (MTL60)
Hoop: 3.0mm Ultimate Steel Mighty Hoop (10 hole)
Head: EVANSR G1 Coated
Strainer/Butt: MLS50A / MLS50B
Snare Wire: 20 strands Starclassic Hi-Carbon Steel Snare Wires (MS20SN14C)
Color: Gloss Tawny Oak (GTO)

White Oak outer ply
10mm, 11ply Maple + 1 outer ply White Oak
3.0mm Ultimate Steel Mighty Hoop
At 3.0mm thick, the Ultimate Steel Mighty Hoop offers an open and warm sound. While maintaining the rounded attack of a standard triple flange hoop, the extreme thickness produces extra power, volume and resonance.
20 strands Starclassic Hi-Carbon Steel Snare Wires
Starclassic snares offer several unique, highly useful features. When adding more tension to the wires, the strands press closer to the snare head. We've also redesigned the angle of the end plates and added thinner straps to obtain optimum response.
The 14”x 7” G-Maple snare drum offers a combination of a thick shell and hoop. With a 10mm / 12ply / 7” shell depth, it greatly enhances the attack of the drum. In addition, the 3.0mm Ultimate Steel Mighty hoop provides a powerful rim shot sound. This drum also features a beautiful White Oak outer ply.

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