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Rickenbacker 4003 Stereo Bass Guitar .. High Gloss Rosewood Fingerboard - Fire Glo

The Rickenbacker 4003 bass has a punchy sounding solid maple body, Maple neck, and a high gloss rosewood finger board.  The jetglo black finish is accented by the white binding surrounding the body of the bass.

The neck is thinned down slightly to feel more like the classic 4001 models and have less of a chunky feel than other Rics.

Punchy Single coil pickups can be enhanced with the vintage tone circuit activated by a push pull pot under the lowest tone knob.

Using a TRS Guitar cable you can route the pickups separately to two different sources. Each pickup can be recorded on two tracks or can be sent to twn amps to blend your sound.

Authorized Dealer, Full Rickenbacker Warranty

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