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Line 6 Relay G10 Digital Guitar Wireless System

Manufacturer #:RELAYG10

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  • Automaticsetup—just plug in and play
  • RenownedRelay 24-bit digital sound quality
  • Rechargethe transmitter by docking it on the receiver
  • Upto 6 hours playing time and up to 150 hours standby time per charge
  • Ultra-intuitiveand easy-to-use design
  • 50-footindoor signal range


Radically Simple Design

We designedRelay G10 to be as easy to use as a standard guitar cable. Just plug in yourguitar, and the transmitter and receiver select the optimum channel and locktogether automatically. If you perform with multiple guitars, G10 makes itfaster than ever to switch instruments on the fly—thetransmitter is compatible with nearly all guitars and transfers from one to thenext in seconds*. Plus, separate XLR and 1/4" outputs give you greater flexibility in howyou route your signal.


Fast and Simple Recharging

Some wirelesssystems use external batteries, which quickly gets expensive. Others requirebulky and cumbersome charging stations. Relay uses a durable rechargeable transmitter that provides up to six hours of playingtime on a single charge. When it’s notin use, G10 automatically goes into sleep mode, extending battery life up to 150hours. Andwhen you’re ready to recharge, simply dock the transmitter on the receiver.It’s the easiest and fastest way to recharge your system.


Get the Most Out of Your Performance

Relay is packedwith innovative technology to fuel your performance. You’ll experience the samecharacter and feel of a standard guitar cable thanks to innovative Cable Tonetechnology. Relay G10 also eliminates distracting pops when you plug in yourguitar—the system only transmits signal once you’re completely connected.Finally, an illuminated receiver makes it easy to view sync and battery statusat a glance.


PureGuitar Tone

For guitarists, nothing is more important than tone. We’vebeen building guitar wireless longer than anyone else, and Relay is the onlysystem that delivers your tone without compression or compromise. Featuringwider frequency response, next-generation technology, and more dynamic rangethan other wireless systems, Relay ensures that your signal gets to your amp inits purest form.


2.4GHzSignal—Free from Interference

Traditional analog wireless systems are plagued byinterference from TV broadcasts, white space devices, and countless othersources. Relay G10 operates in the 2.4GHz ISM band, so there’s no danger ofthese external sources wreaking havoc with your audio signal. Encoded DCL™(Digital Channel Lock) technology distinguishes your Relay G10 audio from otherthird-party signals—including WiFi—ensuring the integrity of your signal. Enjoythe peace of mind that comes with the most advanced, reliable digital wirelesssystem available.



If you’re confused by the license fees required to operatean analog wireless system, don’t worry—Line 6 digital wireless systemseliminate that need. Relay G10 is fully FCC compliant and operates license freeworldwide, from Hollywood to Tokyo.


RelayG10 Guitar Wireless System

·        Plugand play design

·        Nocompromise, 24-bit digital sound quality

·        Automaticchannel set up

·        Dockthe transmitter to charge and auto assign wireless channel

·        6-hourbattery life

·        Sleepmode to extends battery life to as much as 150 hours

·        50-footrange indoors

·        No-popAuto audio mute, only passes audio when transmitter is fully connected

·        Receiverlights up for easy-to-see sync and battery status

·        Ultraclean and intuitive design

·        Bi-colorLED on receiver and transmitter

·        Cabletone technology matches the tone and character of a standard guitar cable


*TheRelay G10 transmitter is compatible with typical 1/4" output jacks used on most passive and activeinstruments. Guitars that have non-standard jack wiring may require a 1/4" mono adapter for use with Relay G10.

Relay® G10 is the world’s easiest to use guitar wirelesssystem. Just plug in your instrument and it works automatically—no complexsetup required*. You’ll hear your tone in amazing detail thanks to pure 24-bitRelay digital wireless sound quality—the same technology gigging pros use onstage. The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to six hours of playingtime, and when it’s time to recharge, simply plug the transmitter into thereceiver. Relay G10 features a simple, intuitive design that makes goingwireless as easy as using a cable.

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