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Drum Workshop Design 8x10 Tom Tom - White Lacquor

This DW 8x10 Tom was a store purchase from a customer who didn't utilize it on his set.
The original heads have a few marks but the body and finish are pristine
Nearly new, this 10" tom would be a great odd on to your white lacquer set.

Innovative sounds by design.
Conceived at the California Custom Shop, the Design Series® features North American Maple shells and pro features at an incredible value.

The Design Series introduced custom-inspired drums to a wider audience than ever. With 100% North American Maple shells for legendary tonal versatility, these drums are DW’s first to offer UV-cured lacquers and Mini-Turret lugs. It’s all part of the Design.

North American Maple Shells
Design Series shells are crafted from 100% North American Hard Rock Maple leveraging DW’s HVLT™ construction. The 8-ply shells (snares are 10-ply) feature 1/32” plies oriented with wood alternating horizontally and vertically for classic maple tone and punch.

Bearing Edge

Design Series HVLT™ shells feature edges that are precision-cut to both 45 degrees (toms) and 60 degrees (bass and snare) and tested on a flat stone for gaps. These edges help produce bright, punchy tone with healthy resonance.

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