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Pearl P3002D Demon Direct Drive Eliminator Double Pedal

The Demon Direct Drive Double Bass Pedal system is so advanced and so well engineered, you'll swear you're playing two bass drums.
From lightning-fast blast beats to deep, rock-solid grooves, Demon Drive is designed to maximize your playing in any style.
The first pedal system that easily converts from a long board to a traditional pedal board, Demon Drive's modular design makes it configurable with
the primary pedal on the right or left side; making it playable for right or left-handed drummers.The machined aluminum Z-Link
Drive Shaft assures latency-free performance from both the Primary and Secondary pedals.
The Direct Link drive's spherical bearings combine with an array of custom settings for the smoothest pedal action possible.
Every aspect of the pedal's performance -from the way it feels in play to its level of speed and contact- directly affects your playing,
so the P3002D is adjustable to fully suit your individual playing style. Unleash the Demon and find out what custom feel is all about.

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